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Top 10 tips for staging your home for sale

Posted by Clare Connolly on August 17, 2021
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‘Staging’ is a common term used by estate agents. It may sound rather grand when in fact it simply means styling a property to appeal to potential buyers and in doing so, it can result in a quicker sale and a good price for the property.

On average, we have achieved 10% over the asking price for client sales and this can be largely attributed to how the home is styled in advance. We all know first impressions count. As the great Aretha Franklin sang; ‘Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative!’. How a room is presented is key to attracting the right buyer. You want a buyer to visualise themselves living there – they don’t want to see your clutter or a tea-stained carpet!

We are not all architects or interior designers. Most people can find it hard to decide how to best use the space in a house to allow for the most comfortable living environment or how the right décor can rejuvenate and make a small space brighter and more inviting.

This is where I come in! I work with our clients to advise them on how to style their home for sale within budget and on time.

Is it expensive I hear you ask?! That can depend on the current condition of the property and the final price you want to achieve. As a rule, investing in styling is recouped in the price you achieve on your property, and it does not have to involve a complete revamp. Even freshly painted rooms and replacing old carpets can have a dramatic effect on the appeal of your home to potential buyers.

After 15 months of living with Covid, we are all aware of how much the pandemic has changed the way we live and work and this will obviously be reflected in what potential buyers are looking for in a new home. There is no doubt that additions such as a separate home or garden office will appeal to working from home buyers and a well-maintained garden is a key part of the wish list. Working from home does mean additional costs in heating and lighting so the BER and sustainable credentials of a home are also worth investing in if you can.

My top 10 tips for staging your home are:

1. Consider your budget and prioritise key areas and assets in your home i.e., the kitchen, bathrooms, home office, hall and garden.

2. Talk to an experienced staging consultant who will not only advise you on how to effectively stage your property but will ensure you stay on budget and source materials, tradesmen etc. for you.

3. If you cannot afford to upgrade your kitchen, paint the kitchen presses, walls and replace worn wooden or laminated flooring.

4. Clear away all personal items and clutter but in doing so ensure the home is inviting rather than minimalist. Buy new cushions and throws for sofas and beds to inject some colour and comfort to the property.

5. Research Instagram for interior ideas and the latest trends in home décor. Choose colours that tie in with modern trends but ones that will appeal to a wider audience!

6. Ensure you invest in a deep clean of your home. If potential buyers view a squeaky-clean home, they will have more confidence in knowing it is well maintained.

7. It wouldn’t be a home without the usual wear and tear and crayons on the walls! Identity all the areas that need upgrading or fixing such as loose door handles, a leaky tap or a cracked hob and repair or replace as needed.

8. Freshly painted walls make a huge difference particularly to older houses and properties. Purple might be your favourite colour for a feature wall, but you are best sticking to neutral colours to appeal to buyers!

9. Rearrange your furniture with the help of your staging consultant. You will have become so accustomed to where your sofa, TV etc. is that you will be surprised how much a room can change if furniture is rearranged.

10. Let there be light! Thanks to Dermot Bannon, everyone is obsessed with big windows and light! If you don’t have the ceiling to floor windows, brighten up rooms with colour and neutral walls, open blinds or curtains fully. Cut down any overgrown bushes or trees at the front and back of the house that may be blocking light. Turn on all the lights and lamps in your home for viewings and to add to the appeal, have a beautiful bright bouquet of flowers in a vase in the kitchen and large potted plants in the living room.

I hope I have helped to explain the importance of staging and some quick tips to get you started.

If you are considering selling your home, Clare Connolly Estate Agents would be delighted to look after you. As an extra bonus, I also offer a free staging consultation as part of the service! You can contact us on 01-2164724 or visit for more information.

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